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Must Be Pop Celebrity Icons
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This Community is made for the icon-impared and the icon-talented celebrity's out there in LJ Land. The idea for this community came about while I was chatting on the mobile with Taylor (Hanson that is). We both are icon-addicts and love to make icons for our fellow celebs. And i'm sure that many celebs out there in LJ Land want icons made for them, or love to make icons for their fellow celebs. So join this community! Wether you don't make icons & just want a fellow celeb to make you one, or your an icon-addict and love making icons for others.

RULES (yes I know, we all hate rules but there a must have!)

1. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take icons without the permission of the "icon-maker".

2. If you want someone to make you an icon, reply with a picture (or url to that picture), that you want to be made into an icon. Please specify what you want that icon to look like or any special words you want on it. If you don't care.. simply put "I don't care"

3. IF you are not a celeb, you can still join and make icons for celebs, or request icons. But please don't leave rude comments in our community. This is a game! Please read the disclaimer.

And that's all mates!

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